Programme at a glance

What can you expect?

  • The participation of internationally renowned speakers.
  • Attendance of over 100 participants, with industrial partners, policy makers and academics play a prominent role throughout the entire programme.
  • Attendance to a practical discussion session, where sponsors get the opportunity to join the scientific discussions.
  • Extensive opportunities for networking.
  • A Dutch inspired social programme.

ICAW topics:

  • Technical developments
  • Food and nutrition
  • Occupational exposure and human biomonitoring
  • Ecotoxicology 
  • Genotoxicity and in vitro testing
  • Animals studies and in vivo comet assay
  • Clinical applications

Provisional programme for 2022


COVID-19-proof meeting organisation

The Crowne Plaza and the meeting organisers are currently preparing all logistics of the meeting as COVID-proof as possible.

Extra meeting rooms have been made available for us to ensure proper distancing between participants.

Streaming technology will be applied to allow presenting in the various rooms over which participants will be divided. Questions and answers will be possible from each meeting room to the main presentation room, just as if the presenter is in front of you.

Coffee breaks, breakfast and lunches will all be served in an adapted setting, to ensure the safety and health of each participant in the meeting.

Special Joint Meetings

EEMGS sessions


- Frits Sobels award lecture

- Early Career award lecture

- Young scientist presentations

- Annual General Assembly

Young scientists sessions

Poster pitch presentations

This time we will apply a different format. From the submitted abstracts for posters, we will select interesting topics (focussing mainly on young scientists) to be presented as pitch presentations before the actual poster session. They will have 5 minutes (no questions) to present their key findings in a maximum of 5 slides. The aim is to promote your work and attrackt people to visit your poster. Thus poster presenters must still assemble their posters as advised. 

Co-chairing a session

As a young scientist it might sound scary to co-chair a session. However, it will give you the opportunity to grow as a researcher, becoming more independent and increase your self-confidence. As mentioned before, the meeting has a friendly atmosphere and might therefore be the ideal place to give co-chairing a go. You will be teamed up with a more senior scientist, so that both of you together can come up with suitable questions and ensure a smooth progress of your session.

Young Scientist awards

Among the young scientists that were selected to present a pitch presentation, the best pitch will be awarded with a prize. We will take into account the clarity of the slides and if the young scientist were able to bring across their key findings. This is seperate from the poster prize.

Young scientists that were selected for an oral presentation will be in the running for the best oral presentation prize. Also here judging will include clarity of the slides and how the presenter brings across the keys messages/findings.

Open discussion session

In parallel to scheduled scientific presentations, we like to introduce an open discussion session. Often researchers are dealing with similar practical issues or questions and feel the need to ask other researchers for their experiences and advice. Lunch and coffee breaks are often too short to properly address these issues. Thus the open discussion session will give you the opportunity to exchange thoughts about the practical and theoretical aspects of the Comet Assay.

Poster sessions

This year the first poster session will take place in parallel with the Welcome reception. Drinks and small bites will be served and in the meanwhile you can stroll along the poster presentations, which will allow scientific discussion and networking in an informal atmosphere. 

A second poster session will take place on the second day of the meeting after the lunch. Poster presenters are asked to stand alongside their posters as much as possible to answer possible questions.